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IRSCNA: African Liberation Day 2008 Solidarity


22 May 2008
Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America

African Liberation Day 2008 Solidarity

On behalf of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, the Irish
Republican Socialist Committees of North America send solidarity
greetings to our comrades in the All-African People's Revolutionary
Party and African people worldwide on the occasion of African
Liberation Day on May 25th, the fiftieth celebration of what was first
known as African Freedom Day, a day to mark each year the onward
progress of the liberation movement, and to symbolize the
determination of the people of Africa to free themselves from foreign
domination and exploitation.

For more than two decades, the Irish Republican Socialist Movement has
expressed its solidarity on African Liberation Day with African people
around the globe struggling for their liberation and the liberation of
the African continent, especially those guided by Pan-Africanism and
Scientific Socialism.

Ireland is a strategic part of the new imperial order that is
reshaping the world in its bloody image. Ireland was a staging point
for American troops and warplanes in the invasion of Iraq, and remains
so for the ongoing occupation of that nation. The Irish "Free State"
lackeys have made a handsome fortune charging their masters for this
service. Ireland, a dominated and marginalized country with the most
exploited working class in western Europe, is once again filling a
role as a subservient partner in the imperial slaughter.

For over three decades, the Irish Republican Socialist Movement,
primarily comprised of the Irish Republican Socialist Party and the
Irish National Liberation Army, has been on the front lines of the
struggle for national liberation and socialist revolution in Ireland,
while standing in solidarity with all people worldwide struggling
toward the same goals.

Like your brothers and sisters in Ireland, the African people of the
world are of strategic and vital interest to the imperialist war
machine. Whether you are used as cannon fodder in the American or
British armies, starved so your resources can be exploited, or armed
to fight each other in proxy anti-communist wars, you are some of the
most oppressed and potentially revolutionary people that exist. The
building of Pan-Africanism and African unity through mass
revolutionary organizations is perhaps one of the greatest possible
threats that could arise for the rulers and exploiters of this planet.

African people are super-exploited across the globe. The resources of
Africa are stolen to profit Western capitalism. In America, the recent
acquittal of Sean Bell's murderers shows that racist police can still
murder African-Americans with impunity. Brothers and sisters, we stand
in solidarity with you in opposing the racist capitalist system that
oppresses us all.

From Port-au-Prince to Belfast, from Chicago to Cork, from
Johannesburg to Derry, from Africa to Ireland and America, we are one
class of people waging the same struggle for human liberation, boldly
going forward in our shared struggle for socialism and the liberation
of humankind from the shackles of capitalism and imperialism.

Saoirse Go Deo! Freedom Forever!

# # #

Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America
PO Box 901479
Kansas City MO 64190-1479
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