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Bob Avakian's "Conquer The World" Now Online

Bob Avakian's controversial work "Conquer the World" is now online (for the first time).

First published in 1982, it was considered shocking by some, and liberating by others. It is a sweeping appraisal of the experience of the international communist movement and the world process of proletarian revolution.

And it is well known for its rather sharp critique of previous
Communist leaders (including Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao) -- in ways that some people thought was impermissible, and other thought was refreshingly iconoclastic and scientific.

Recently, speaking of Conquer The World, Bob Avakian wrote of it representing an "epistemological break" with much of the previous history and theory of the international communist movement -- especially on the topic of "political truths." (In other words, no more bullshit, lets dig into the good and the bad, and not wrap our own past or present in gauzy
self-deception and even deceit -- in the interests of short term gains.) We can only get where we are going -- to classless communist society -- if we look at the world as it is, if we have a truly scientific worldview, and a true obsession with truth. And this work applies that fearless approach to some of the most controversial questions of communism.

CTW is also famous for serious trying to rethink the proletarian revolution as a world process -- raising approaches to internationalism that broke with much of the previous communist movement in ways that still set some people's hairs on end.

It is available here:

Current only Part I has been published, but soon the RW website will have more online.
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